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The legendary editor, Ursula Nordstrom, said she published “good books for bad children.” Rather than books oriented toward adult mores, she looked for books with authentic characters whose speech and spirit and experiences reflected the real world and issues of young readers.

Tanglewood Publishing strives to do the same. With a focus on inspiring readers to pick up a book for the pleasure of reading, Tanglewood’s list features titles with strong sales and critical acclaim, often by authors and illustrators who may have been overlooked by others.

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Just like Tanglewood’s NYT Best-selling title The Kissing Hand, in every Tanglewood book readers will find a sense of comfort that comes with being seen and understood.

Through humor, adventure, disaster, disappointment, friendship, and love, Tanglewood brings the authentic young reader’s voice to the forefront for an unforgettable page-turning experience, opening up the doors to more adventures rooted in more pages.

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Young Reviewers InitiativeTanglewood takes pride in creating fun books kids want to read. To ensure that every book we publish is kid-focused, we have created the Young Reviewers Initiative. This program connects kids and teens across the country with books in the Tanglewood Publishing process. They read the stories and provide us with their unfiltered feedback so we can really make the best books for them.

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Tanglewood Publishing was founded by Peggy Tierney in 2003, just after her move to the Midwest. Peggy has been a children’s book editor and publisher in the UK and in the US since 1995. She has a degree in comparative literature from the American University of Paris, has loved to read since she first learned her alphabet, and has a son who constantly inspired her to find good books for reluctant readers.

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Matt Buchanan joined the Tanglewood team in 2017. Previously, he worked as a development editor and enjoyed bringing titles of all kinds to print—from instructional digital photography books to video game strategy guides to books about professional wrestling. Working in publishing allows Matt to share his passion and enthusiasm for reading and writing with the wider world.

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Shannon is a junior at IUPUI, studying Creative Writing with minors in Psychology and Professional & Public Writing. At IUPUI, she works as a Senior Editor for the literary magazine, genesis, and as a Writing Consultant for the University Writing Center. After graduation, Shannon aspires to work as an editor for a publishing house as she strongly values supporting writers in their efforts to publish important and meaningful pieces. Writing is a passion of Shannon’s, too, and she would love to publish her own poetry collection in the future.