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Chester the Brave

Chester the Brave
Written by Audrey Penn and illustrated by by Barbara L. Gibson
Picture book, 32 pages, Ages 3-8, $16.95
ISBN: 978-1-933718-79-8, Trade cloth
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Little Chester Raccoon, the beloved character who has helped so many children with issues in their lives, learns the meaning of bravery and a method for overcoming his fears in this new Audrey Penn title. After sharing the story of a little bird who is afraid to have flying lessons in front of his friends, Mrs. Raccoon tells Chester that being brave doesn't mean being unafraid; being brave means not letting that fear stop him. Mrs. Raccoon teaches Chester an important strategy: Think-Tell-Do. When he thinks he is afraid, he tells himself he can do it, and then he just does it. Of course, getting a Kissing Hand helps a little too. This simple strategy can be helpful to children in many different situations.

About the Author:
Audrey Penn is the author of The Kissing Hand and its sequels, along with Mystery at Blackbeard's Cove. Visit Audrey Penn's website.


"This beautifully illustrated story is great for kids who are trying to overcome their fear—whether it’s speaking in front of the class, like Chester, or any other activity! Parents, I highly encourage you to read this book with your kids. It’s also a good one for teachers to read with their classes during a public speaking unit!"—US Kids, read more.

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