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My Dog, My Cat

Now in Board Book Format!

My Dog, My Cat
Written and illustrated by Ashlee Fletcher
Picture book, Ages 2-4
ISBN: 978-1-933718-22-4, Hardcover, 32 pages, $13.95
ISBN: 978-1-933718-81-1, Board, 16 pages, $7.99
Guided reading level: D; Grade level: 1; Reading Recovery level: 5-6
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Readers learn the differences between dogs and cats and the way that love can bind even the most different of creatures together.

Common Core State Standards:
RL K.1, K.7, K.9
To read the full standards, visit the CCSS website.


"A simple and appealing story...Fletcher's endearing, naïve illustrations...have a cheery, innocent effect. Preschoolers will enjoy this as an early, simple story, and its straightforward text adapts well to beginning readers. Teachers in the early-elementary grades will find the simple but clever text a worthwhile introduction to comparisons and a handy starting point for creative-writing activities. Fletcher's first picture book is thoughtfully designed, with humor and a succinct text that will appeal to a broad age range. She is an illustrator to watch."—Kirkus Reviews

"A series of contrasting observations unfold ("My dog barks. My cat meows") and grow more complex. Despite the differences between the two animals, pleasing symmetries can be found in the opposing panels. The punch line is cute. [The] artwork and text...are straightforward and clear. Very young readers sometimes crave the security of simple stories, and Fletcher has given them one."—Publishers Weekly

"The trim size, simple text, predictable story pattern, and obvious picture clues make this book a fine choice for beginning readers. A good start for a first-time author/illustrator."—School Library Journal

Early Childhood Classroom Activity Kit

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My Dog My Cat Poster

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My Dog My Cat Sign-up Poster

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Bookstore Event Kit

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My Dog My Cat Bookstore Kit Part 1

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My Dog My Cat Bookstore Kit Part 2
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