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Night of the White Deer

Night of the White Deer
Written by Jack Bushnell and llustrated by Miguel Co
Picture book, 32 pages, Ages 4-8, $16.95
ISBN: 978-1-933718-80-4, Hardcover
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The boy had heard the old stories about a mysterious white deer that appeared among the fields of corn. Some said she had been formed from a star that fell to the earth; others said she had risen up from some tanks of spilt milk. But to the young boy, it seemed that's all she was, the stuff of stories--until one night when she appears on his farm, standing in the field, her coat a sparkling white. During this magical nighttime encounter, the deer leads the boy into the skies on a flight through the lights of the aurora, among the countless other creatures living in its glistening colors. But the boy will discover more the next day, when he tells his family about his experience.

This modern folk tale will inspire young readers to see the magic that comes from the twinkles of the nighttime sky.


"Paired with Co’s beautfiully intriguing illustrations, this unique tale carries with it a special message about believing."—Michigan Reading Journal

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