Into the Woods: January—February

As the cold snap snaps and winter continues its wonderful display, we thought we’d say a warm hello and share some Tanglewood news.

Grab a hot cup of coffee or tea, and read on for the latest developments at Tanglewood headquarters. We’ve got celebrations, upcoming releases, new faces, title spotlights, and details on how to win a free box of books for your school—don’t miss out!

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Happy Birthday, Eva!

Eva Kor, author of Surviving the Angel of Death: The True Story of a Mengele Twin in Auschwitz, turned 85 this week. Her surprise birthday celebration involved an abundance of McDonald’s McNuggets (her favorite food) and plenty of laughter and happiness! For Eva’s birthday, she asks that everyone who is able to donate to the CANDLES Holocaust Museum. If you’d like to further the cause of healing the world and spreading Eva’s message, please click here. In other Eva news, the documentary Eva: A-7063 will begin airing on 94% of PBS stations in April. We will post dates and more information when it’s available–stay tuned!

The Kissing Hand Tradition Continues

If you’re an educator looking for activities, click HERE to download The Kissing Hand Activity Kit.

For 25 years, The Kissing Hand has been a resource for teachers, librarians, and families to help kids starting school who experience separation-anxiety. The book eases the transition and provides comfort to reluctant little ones (as well as nervous adults).According to the Mohave Valley Daily News, in Bullhead City, Arizona, first-grade teacher Ava Smith used The Kissing Hand at a recent meet-and-greet with students and their families. During the event, Smith discussed the book and its message of love. She then encouraged families to create their own kissing hands by adorning paper cutouts of each student’s hand with decorations and names of family members. Smith’s activity helps connect the classroom community with each student’s home life, creating an atmosphere of family and acceptance. We here at Tanglewood applaud Ava Smith’s use of The Kissing Hand and thank her for continuing the tradition.

806: The Lucky Sperm Club–Paperback Available in March!

To learn more about 806, click HERE!

Welcome, Madeleine!

Tanglewood is happy to introduce our newest Editorial Intern. Madeleine Lucchetti is a senior at Butler University, where she studies English, with a concentration in creative writing. She’s always loved exciting stories of spunky characters, and is thrilled to help Tanglewood publish wondrous, adventurous books.

Win a Box of Tanglewood Books


Congratulations to the three December winners of a free box of Tanglewood books: Coyote Trail Elementary School, Cannons Elementary School, and Yulee Elementary School. If you’d like to nominate a school in need, click HERE.

Tanglewood Spotlight: Is a Worry Worrying You?

Adults often think of childhood as a carefree time, but the truth is that children worry, and worry a lot. Kids are in fact experiencing high levels of anxiety, and it might be on the rise (the CDC estimates 4.4 million children aged 3-17 have diagnosed anxiety). Is a Worry Worrying You? addresses children’s worries with humor and imagination, as hilarious scenarios teach kids the use of perspective and the art of creative problem-solving. Psychologists have used the book with patients of all ages, along with great organizations like the National Center for Youth Issues.

If your child is experiencing a worry of any kind, the gentle message in this book may offer a way to work through their fears and calm their concerns. To download some activities that help kids say good riddance to their worries, click here. To learn more about Is a Worry Worrying You? click here.