Argyle Fox book interior image close-up of fox dressed in knight outfit on hill

New Look, New Titles, New Initiatives!

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We’ve had a little break but we’re back in action now and have so many exciting things to share.

First, just take a look around at our glorious new website!

We’ve got search, we’ve got a blog (that you’re reading right now, hey!) we’ve got author pages, we’ve got social media feeds, and so much more! As we gear up for the fun new titles coming Spring 2017, we thought a brand new home for all of our titles was overdue. Stop by as often as you like to explore all the new Tanglewood Publishing home has to offer.

Second, feast your eyes on these two new titles.

Spring is a time of change and this spring you’ll see old and new faces on the pages of Tanglewood books.

Argyle Fox by Marie LeTourneau

Argyle Fox takes the stage in March for his debut on the scene. Veteran¬†author/illustrator Marie LeTourneau is back with another cute and fascinating animal story. You see Argyle has a problem. He wants to play outside, won’t be trapped indoors, but every time he tries to play a game, he’s thwarted…by the wind! Can Argyle figure out how to win his battle against the wooshing of air all around him?

Chester Raccoon and the Almost Perfect Sleepover by Audrey Penn

Audrey Penn has created countless stories for the many hard occasions children encounter as they grow up through The Kissing Hand books. This Chester story focuses on friendship and sleepovers. Chester is invited to his friend’s birthday and, although it’s fun, he misses home. What is Chester to do?

Third, we’ve got some great partnerships and initiatives in store!

Young Reviewers Initiative

Tanglewood has always prided itself on listening to kids and teens when they tell us what they like and want to see more of. We listen and we implement their feedback. Now, we’re making our impromptu focus groups a bit more formal with the Young Reviewers Initiative. We’re recruiting great young readers, kids and teens, across the country to read manuscripts Tanglewood is considering for publication. Before we forge ahead, we need to know what our audience thinks to help us create the best stories for them. Kids are at the heart of every Tanglewood title and this is just one way that we ensure authentic, exciting reads with every book we publish.

Know a kid who’d love to join our corps of readers? Visit the About page for more information!

There’s so much more in store this year, so definitely keep checking in to the blog and poke around the site to keep abreast of all that is to come. We’re ramping up our newsletter, too! ¬†Make sure you sign up for our e-mail list so you’re among the first to know about updates and offerings.