Eva A-7063 DVD (One-Hour Screening Edition)




One DVD and a digital copy of the film’s Educator’s Guide.

This award-winning documentary, Eva: A-7063, is the perfect supplemental material to Surviving the Angel of Death, providing important context to Eva’s personal story. Viewers will learn about the Holocaust from a broader perspective; Eva’s struggles with anger, bitterness, and rejection as an adult; her unique journey to forgiveness; and the transformative effect of her story and her life lessons on young people around the globe.

The film’s educator’s guide includes lesson plans focusing on twelve themes from the film: Hope, Acceptance, Respect, Empathy, Belonging, Courage, Perseverance, Healing, Forgiveness, Ambition, Resilience, and Inspiration, which correspond with the Emotional Health Education Standards from the Centers for Disease Control.

With these materials, teachers will provide students with a vital history lesson on the Holocaust and an equally important lesson on their own potential and power to be a positive, life-changing force in the world.

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