A Parent's Survival Guide Sleepover Prep Blog Post

How to Prep for the Perfect Sleepover for Your Child: A Parent’s Survival Guide

Your child is now at the age when sleepover invitations are darkening your door. Not to worry, this is an exciting (!) but also, understandably, an anxious time for both you and your little one. Luckily, Mrs. Raccoon is back again to share her warmth and wisdom in Chester Raccoon and the Almost Perfect Sleepover. Armed with the book, and its handy activity kit, your (and your child’s) first sleepover experience will be a breeze.

Step 1: Read

Purchase the newest book in the Kissing Hand series – Chester Raccoon and the Almost Perfect Sleepover before the event. Read it with your child and explore the many feelings Chester and his friends have during the day. This will prepare both of you for the upcoming experience your child might have hosting or attending their own sleepover.

Step 2: Visualize

Within the activity kit, ask your child to draw an activity they are super excited to do during the sleepover. Visualization is a great way for your child to be prepared for the fun they will have, and allows you as a parent to support them in that excitement if they are attending a sleepover, or help create a version of that activity ahead of time if you are hosting the sleepover.

Step 3: Prep

If Your Child is the Host: One of the best things about sleepovers is the food. It is a party, after all! Create a fun experience for all your young attendees by sticking to a theme of snacks. In Chester Raccoon and the Almost Perfect Sleepover, our nocturnal forest friends love bugs and grubs and eat them with delight. Since humans aren’t as partial to munching on 6+ legged critters, we’ve found some fun bug-themed snacks for you and your child to make together for your guests. Who doesn’t love a good cup o’ dirt and gummy worms?

If Your Child is the Attendee: You are busy, and the easiest way to stay on top of ALL THE THINGS is to have a checklist to catch every last to-do. In the activity kit, we’ve provided the perfect list for you and your child to feel secure that nothing important will be forgotten on their overnight trip.

Step 4: Create

To go right along with your don’t forget checklist, we suggest creating Kissing Hand puppets that allow you to craft together and roll play your feelings.

Step 5: Relax

You’ve done a lot of hard work! Now it is time to sit back and let your mind and body take a break. We find a simple word search does just the trick! Try this easy and fun one created just for Kissing Hand readers in the activity kit to calm their minds and bodies before the fun of the sleepover begins.

Step 6: Reassure

If steps 1-5 work like a charm, and yet your young one finds that they’d like to come home before the sleepover is finished – or one of the children at the party you are throwing feels like Chester did – that’s okay! We love the way Mrs. Raccoon, Mrs. Opossum, and Mrs. Rabbit work together to ensure Chester feels perfectly fine venturing home to sleep in his own hollow.

Have you found success in other ways to get you and your child ready and excited for sleepover fun? Share your suggestions with us below or through on social through @TanglewoodPub. We can’t wait to hear from you, and don’t forget!

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